This ROOT-WORD is MIGRA which comes from the Latin migrare & meaning TO LEAVE ONE PLACE AND WANDER TO ANOTHER. There is a spelling problem attached to this Root, as you will see if you compare No. 9 and No. 16. Why has No. 9 only one m while No. 16 has two m’s? The answer lies in the ROOTS. E (ex) meaning OUT has no m so we only need the m from MIGRA. The key IM meaning into has an m of its own which, added to MIGRA, makes two m’s.

1. Migrant : MIGRA nt (mie’ grant) n.

One who wanders, traveling from place to place

2. Immigratory : in MIGRA tory (im’ i gra to ri) adj.

Of or relating to immigration

3. Migrate : MIGRA te (mie’ grate) v.

To wander; to move about from place to place

4. Migration : MIGRA tion (mie gray’ shun)

A large scale wandering of people or animals

5. Migratory : MIGRA tory (mie’ gra tiv) adj.

Migratory; wandering

6. Migrative : MIGRA tive (mie’ gra tiv) adj.

Migratory; wandering

7. Migratorial : MIGRA torial (mie gra toe’ ri al) adj.

Relating to roving about

8. Migrator : MIGRA tor (mie’ grate or) n.

One who roves; a nomad

9. Emigrate : e MIGRA te (em’ i grate) v.

To leave a land; to go out of a country

10. Emigrant : e MIGRA nt (em’ i grant) n.

One who leaves a country
11. Emigration : e MIGRA tion (em i gray’ shun) n.

The act of leaving one’s country

12. Emigrative : e MIGRA tive (em’ i gray tiv) adj.

Inclined to emigrate

13. Emigrational : e MIGRA tional (em i gray’ shun al) adj.

Relating to emigrations; as, emigrational difficulties

14. Émigré : e MIGR e (em i gray’) n.

A fugitive from a country

15. Emigree : e MIGR ee (em i gray’) n.

One forced to emigrate

16. Immigrate : im MIGRA te (im’ i grate) v.

To come into the land to settle

17. Immigrant : im MIGRA nt (im i grant) n.

A settler in a new land

18. Immigration : im MIGRA tion (im i gray’ shun) n.

The act of coming into a land to settle
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