This ROOT-WORD is NEO which comes from the Greek word neos meaning NEW & RECENT. Many old things become of interest again. People often will believe in something, come to accept it as everyday and then a new interest awakens and it is revived.

1. Neoblastic : NEO blastic (nee o blas’ tik) adj.

Having the nature of new growth

2. Neocene : NEO cene (nee’ o sene) adj.

Belonging to the tertiary period

3. Neocosmic : NEO cosmic (nee o koz’ mik) adj.

Relating to the present known world and races

4. Neocracy : NEO cracy (nee ok’ ra si) n.

Government by new, inexperienced officials

5. Neocriticism : NEO criticism (nee o krit’ i siz um) n.

The new philogophy, rejecting Kant

6. Neo-Darwinism : NEW Darwinism (nee o dar’ wi niz um) n.

A new form of Darwin’s theory

7. Neofetus : NEO Darwinism (nee o dar’ wi niz um) n.

A new form of Darwin’s theory

8. Neogenesis : NEO genesis (nee o jen’ e sis) n.

A new formation or regeneration of tissue

9. Neo-Gothic : NEO Gothic (nee o goth’ ik) adj.

Art based on study of medieval Gothic

10. Neogrammarian : NEO grammarian (nee o gra mar’ i an) n.

A new, scientific direction to linguistics

11. Neo-Hellenism : NEO Hellenism (nee o hel’ en iz um) n.

The practice of ancient Greek ideals in modern life and art

12. Neolatry : NEO latry (nee ol’ a tri) n.

The worship of the new, the novelty

13. Neolithic : NEO lithic (nee o lith’ ik) adj.

Relating to the era when polished stone implements were used

14. Neology : NEO logy (nee ol’ o jee) n.

The use of new words in the language

15. Neomenia : NEO menia (nee o mee’ ni a) n.

The festival of the new moon

16. Neomorph : NEO morph (nee’ o morf) n.

A new form not derived from an ancestor

17. Neon : NEO n (nee’ on) n.

A gaseous element used in neon lights

18. Neophrastic : NEO phrastic (nee o fras’ tik) adj.

Relating to neology (No. 14)

19. Neophyte : NEO phyte (nee’ o fite) n.

A new convert; a novice; a beginner

20. Neologism : Neo logi sm(nee' o logi sm)n.

A new word

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