The ROOT-WORD is MONI which comes from the Latin omnis meaning ALL. It is really an OMNIbus of a word, for everything can be tacked on to it. The humor of saying English words with a Latin ending, like No.9, is called MACARONIC & BURLESQUE as it were. But it is not humor to the doctors who use that kind of Latin in their prescriptions. It makes the ailing Latin professors laugh and that does them more good than the prescriptions. The joke is on the doctor, but he doesn’t know it.

1. Omniana : OMNI ana (om ni ay’ na) n.

Bits of information from everywhere

2. Omnibus : OMNI bus (om’ ni bus) n.

A conveyance for all; providing transportation for many

3. Omnicompetent : OMNI competent (om ni kom’ pe tent) adj.

Legally competent in all matters

4. Omnicorporeal : OMNI corporeal (om ni kor poe’ ree al) adj.

Including all bodies

5. Omnifarious : OMNi farious (om ni far’ ee us) adj.

Of all sorts; of many varieties

6. Omnify : OMNI fy (om’ ne fie) v.

Enlarge; make universal

7. Omnigenous : OMNI graph (om nij’ e nus) adj.

Of all types of kinds

8. Omnigraph : OMNI graph (om’ ni graf) n.

A device for teaching radio telegraphs operators

9. Omniumgatherum : OMNI un-gatherum (om’ ni um gath’ er um) n.

A collection of all things, people

10. Omnimeter : OMNU meter (om nim’ e ter) n.

Instrument for measuring all angles

11. Omnimodous : OMNI modous (om nim’ o dus) adj.

Of every kind

12. Omniparent : OMNI parent (om nip’ a rent) adj.

Being the origin of all

13. Omnipotent : OMNI potent (om nip’ of ent)

All powerful; having

14. Omniscient : OMNI scient (om nish’ ent) adj.

All knowing; having complete understanding

15. Omnist : OMNI st (om’ nist) n.

A believer in all religious

16. Omnipresent : OMNI present (om ni prez’ ent) adj.

Present everywhere; ubiquitous

17. Omnivorous : OMNI vorous (om niv’ or us) adj.

Eating everything; taking in everything

18. Omnium : OMNI um (om’ ni um) n.

Total; as, my omnium

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