osteo & oss

These ROOT-WORDS are OSS & OSTEO meaning BONE. They come from the Greek and Latin. Ossa is the plural of os. The average person knows very little about his bones, even after he breaks one, but there is much to know about them, and the list gives a glimpse here and there.

1. Osseous : OSS eous (os’ e us) adj.


2. Ossicle : OSS icle (os’ i k’l) n.

A small bone

3. Ossiculectomy : OSS iculectomy (os i ku lek’ to mi) n.

Removal of a small bone in the ear

4. Ossify : OSS ify (os’ i fie) v.

To make into bone

5. Ossification : OSS ification (os i fi kay’ shun) n.

The process of making into bone

6. Ossification : OSS ifluent (o sif’ lue ent) adj.

Having a discharge from an abscessed bone

7. Ossifrage : OSS ifrage (os’ i fraj) n.

“Breakbones" is the name given to the osprey, a large fish hawk

8. Ossuary : OSS uary (osh’ u ar ree) adj.

A depository for bones; cemetery; urn

9. Osteal : OSTE al (os’ tee al) adj.

Relating to bone

10. Osteitis : OSTE it is (os tee ite’ is) n.

Inflammation of the bone
11. Osteopathy : OSTE pathy (os tee op’ a thee) n.

Treatment of diseases by manipulation of bones

12. Osteodentine : OSTEO dentine (os te o den’ tene) n.

Bone found in the teeth of fishes

13. Osteogen : OSTEO gen (os’ te o jen) n.

Soft tissue which ossifies to form bone

14. Osteology : OSTEO logy (os tee ol’ o jee) n.

Science which treats of the bones of vertebrates

15. Osteomancy : OSTEO mancy (os’ te o man si) n.

Divination by bones

16. Osteometry : OSTEO metry (os te om’ e tri) n.

The measuring of bones

17. Osteopath : OSTEO path (os’ tee o path) n.

One who practices osteopathy; as, Dr. X is an osteopath

18. Osteophagia : OSTEO phagia (os te o fay’ ji a) n.

The chewing of bones by cattle to get phosphorus

19. Osteophone : OSTEO phone (os’ te of fone) n.

A hearing-aid device

20. Osteoporosis : OSTEO porosis (os te o po reo’ sis) n.

A condition in old age when bones become porous and fragile.
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