The ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PARA which means BESIDE, ALONGSIDE & POSTION. There are other words with this root which it would be well for you to know, words such as PARAnoia, delusions of greatness; PARAphernalia, goods; PARAmount, etc. There is also a name which you would do well to remember, PARAcelsus, a Swiss physician who did a great deal for modern medicine. Paracelsus preceded Dr. Lister in the hard fight against blood-poisoning after surgical operations.

1. Parallel : PARA llel (par’ a lel) adj.

Lying evenly side by side; as, parallel lines

2. Parabasis : PARA basis (pa rab’ a sis) n.

An important ode by the chorus in old Greek comedy

3. Parabiosis : PARA biosis (par a bie o’ sis) n.

Union of two organisms

4. Parabola : PARA bola (pa rab’ o la) n.

A plane curve’ shaped like a bowl

5. Parablepsy : PARA blepsy (par’ a blep si) n.

Vision that is abnormal

6. Paracentral : PARA central (par a sen’ tral) adj.

Lying near the center

7. Parachronism : PARA chronism (par ak’ roe niz um) n.

An error in chronology; a date set too late

8. Paraclete : PARA clete (par’ a klete) n.

A helper; comforter; a term applied to the Holy Spirit

9. Paradigm : PARA digm (par’ a dime) n.

An example; a model

10. Parable : PARA ble (par’ a b’l) n.

A story told to emphasize a point; a fable
11. Paradox : PARA dox (par’ a doks) n.

An opinion which seems contradictory and sometimes is

12. Paradromic : PARA dromic (par a drom’ ik) adj.

Running parallel

13. Parody : PAR ody (par’ ode e) n.

An imitation mocking the original

14. Paracusia : PARA cusia (pas a que’ si a) n.

Any hearing disorder

15. Paralysis : PARA lysis (pa ral’ a sis) n.

Loss of the function of motion

16. Paragraph : PARA graph (par’ a graf) n.

A section of a composition which completes one topic

17. Paragon : PARA gon (par’ a gon) n.

A model of perfection

18. Paraphrase : PARA phrase (par’ a fraze) n.

A restatement of a text, giving the meaning in another form

19. Paradental : PARA dental (par a den’ tal) adj.

Near a tooth

20. Parachromaism : PARA chromatism (par a kro’ ma tiz um) n.

Color blindness

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