pend & pen

These ROOT-WORDS are PEND & PEN which come from the Latin pendere, meaning to HANG. This is a very simple ROOT, easily recognizable, and takes simple Suffixes and Prefixes to play around with. At the same time it does its duty for widening of the vocabulary horizon, enrichment of comprehension and subject areas.

1. Pendent : PEND ent (pen’ dent) adj.

Hanging; as, “pendent drops of ice."

2. Pendant : PEND and (pen’ dant) n.

A piece of jewelry that hangs; as, a pearl pendant in each ear

3. Pending : PEND ing (pen’ ding) adj.

Hanging over; as, a pending suit for libel

4. Pendule : PEND ule (pen’ dule) n.

A small hanging ornament; as, a locket

5. Pendulous : PEND ulous (pen’ ju lus) adj.

Hanging down; drooping

6. Pendulum : PEND ulum (pen’ ju lum) n.

A feely swinging piece of machinery; as, the pendulum of a clock

7. Pendulate : PEND ulate (pen’ due late) v.

To swing; undulate

8. Pendulosity : PEND ulosity (pen due los’ i ti) n.

The quality of hanging down; pendulousness

9. Pendency : PEND ency (pen’ den see) n.

State of being undecided; as the pendency of a trial

10. Dependent : de PEND ent (de pen’ dent) adj.

Hanging on to something for support

11. Dependability : de PEND ability (de pen da bil’ it ee) n.

A quality one can hang on to; reliability

12. Independent : inde PEND ent (in de pen’ dent) adj.

Not hanging on anyone

13. Impending : im PEND ing (im pend’ ing) adj.

Hanging over one, as a doom

14. Interdependent : interde PEND ent (int er de pen’dent) adj.

Hanging on to each other and depending other

15. Independence : inde PEND ence (in de pen’ dens) n.

State of being free; not holding on to any thing

16. Suspended : sus PEND ed (su spend’ ed) adj.

Hanging from; as, the pendulum is suspended from a fixed point

17. Suspension : sus PEN sion (su spen’ shun) n.

State of hanging; debarred for a time; as, suspension from school

18. Perpendicular : per PEND icular (per pen dik’ yu lar) adj.

Hanging straight down at right angles

19. Appendage : ap PEND age (ap end’ dij) n.

A thing which hangs on; as, a useless appendage

20. Appendix : ap PEND ix ( a pen’ diks) n.

Extra material attached to a book



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