Phrasal Verbs

The List Of Phrasal Verbs Which Begin With C :

  1. call back
    return a phone call
    I'll call you back as soon as possible.

  2. call off
    The meeting was called off because of the strike.

  3. call on somebody
    formally invite or request
    I now call upon the President to address the assembly.

  4. call upon somebody
    formally invite or request
    I now call upon the President to address the assembly.

  5. calm down
    become more relaxed
    become less angry or upset
    He was angry at first but he eventually calmed down.

  6. carry on
    He carried on gardening in spite of the rain.

  7. carry out
    do something as specified (a plan, an order, a threat)
    The plan was carried out to perfection.

  8. carry out
    perform or conduct (test, experiment)
    Tests are carried out to determine the efficiency of a new drug.

  9. carry over
    postpone until later
    As regards holidays, can you carry over any days from one year to the next?

  10. check in
    register at a hotel or airport
    For security reasons you have to check in two hours before your flight.

  11. check out
    pay one's bill and leave (a hotel)
    Is Mr. Blair still at the hotel? No, he checked out this morning.

  12. check out
    I don't know if the address is still valid. I'll check it out.

  13. clam up
    refuse to speak
    When the teacher arrived she clammed up.

  14. clamp down on
    act strictly to prevent something
    The government has decided to clamp down on smoking in public places.

  15. close down
    stop operating (company, restaurant, cinema).
    When the factory closed down, the employees lost their jobs.

  16. come across
    find by chance
    Julie came across some photographs of her grandparents in the attic.

  17. come across
    appear, seem, make an impression
    The candidate came across as a dynamic person during the interview.

  18. come forward
    present oneself
    The police have asked any witnesses to come forward.

  19. come up against
    be faced with or opposed by
    The project came up against a lot of criticism.

  20. conk out
    stop working
    The car conked out on the motorway.

  21. conk out
    stop or fall asleep (from exhaustion)
    He was so exhausted, he conked out in front of the TV.

  22. count on
    rely or depend on (for help)
    I'm counting on the taxi driver to find the theatre.

  23. cross out
    remove by drawing a line through
    In some exercises, you are asked to cross out the incorrect word.

  24. cut down on
    reduce in number or size
    The doctor told him to cut down on cigarettes.

  25. cut out
    remove using scissors
    She cut out a picture in a magazine.

  26. cut out
    stop doing something
    I'm going to cut out eating between meals.

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