Phrasal Verbs

The List Of Phrasal Verbs Which Begin With D :

  1. deal with
    take care of (problem, situation)
    The manager is good at dealing with difficult customers.

  2. die down
    calm down
    become less strong
    When the applause died down, she started to sing.

  3. do without
    manage without
    The shops are closed so we'll have to do without sugar.

  4. drag on
    last longer than expected
    We expected a short speech but it dragged on and on!

  5. draw up
    write (contract, agreement, document)
    An agreement was drawn up and signed by the two parties.

  6. dress up
    wear elegant clothes
    Do people dress up to go to the opera in your country?

  7. dress up
    disguise oneself
    Children love to dress up at Halloween.

  8. drop in
    visit usually on the way somewhere
    I sometimes drop in to see my grandparents on my way home from school.

  9. drop off
    deliver someone or something
    I'll drop you off at the bus stop if you like.

  10. drop off
    fall asleep
    Granddad often drops off in front of the TV.

  11. drop out
    leave school without finishing
    She decided to go to art school then dropped out after the first term.

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