Phrasal Verbs

The List Of Phrasal Verbs Which Begin With P :

  1. pass away
    The old lady passed away peacefully.

  2. pass out
    She passed out when she heard the bad news.

  3. pay back
    I'll lend you 20€ provided you pay me back before the end of the week.

  4. put off
    arrange a later date
    The meeting was put off because of the strike.

  5. put on
    turn on
    switch on
    Could you put on the light please?

  6. put out
    It took a long time to put out the fire.

  7. put up
    give somebody a bed
    We can put you up if you'd like to come for a week-end.

  8. pick up
    collect somebody
    I'll pick you up at the station when you arrive.

  9. point out
    direct attention to something
    She pointed out the mistake.

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