Phrasal Verbs

The List Of Phrasal Verbs Which Begin With S :

  1. set off
    start a journey
    Early Saturday morning we set off for the ski slopes.

  2. set up
    start a business
    She set up her own company 10 years ago.

  3. shop around
    compare prices
    It's always wise to shop around before buying anything.

  4. show off
    brag or want to be admired
    There's David showing off in his new sports car!

  5. show up
    We expected David to come but he didn't show up.

  6. shut up (impolite)
    be silent
    stop talking
    Oh shut up, you idiot!

  7. sit down
    take a seat
    Please come in and sit down.

  8. stand up
    rise from a sitting position
    The pupils stood up when the headmaster arrived.

  9. stick up for
    It's important to stick up for one's principles.

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