plur, plus & plu

These ROOT-WORDS are PLU, PLUR & PLUS meaning MORE. They come from the Latin plus & pluris. There is an odd collection of interests represented in our list - mathematics, languages, plants, votes, grammar, patriotism and even gentlemen’s sports clothes. These last were loose, long, baggy knickerbockers which the golfers wore on the golf course. They were called Plus Fours, because they were four inches longer than the regular knickerbockers!

1. Plupatriotic : PLU patriotic (plue pay tri ot’ ik) adj.

Showily patriotic

2. Pluperfect : PLU perfect (plu per’ fekt) n.

The past perfect tense

3. Plural : PLUR al (plur’ al) adj.

More than one

4. Pluralism : PLUR alism (plur’ a liz um) n.

The state of one person holding two or more jobs at once

5. Pluralist : PLUR alist (plur’ a list) n.

One who holds two or more jobs

6. Plurality : PLUR ality (plu ral’ it ee) n.

The state of being more numerous; majority

7. Pluralize : PLUR al ize (plur’ a lize) v.

To make singular nouns plural

8. Plurative : PLUR ative (plur’ a tiv) adj.

More than half but less than all

9. Plurennial : PLUR ennial (plu ren’ i al) n.

A plant living many years

10. Plurillingual : PLUR ilingual (plur i lin’ gwal) adj.

Speaking several languages
11. Plurilateral : PLUR ilateral (plur i lat’ er al) adj.

Having more than two sides

12. Plurinomial : PLUR inomial (plur i nom’ i al) adj.

Having more than one name

13. Plurisyllable : PLUR isyllable (plur i sil’ a b’l) n.

A word having more than one syllable

14. Plus : PLUR (plus) adj.

Indicating that something is to be added: her age is forty plus

15. Plurivorous : PLUR ivorous (plu riv’ or rus) adj.

Living on more than one host; as, fungi

16. Plurisyllabic : PLUR isyllabic (plur i si lab’ ik) adj.

Having more than one syllable

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