poten, potes, posse & poss

ROOT-WORDS are POTEN, POTES & POSSE meaning POWER. They come from the Latin posse, potesse & possessus. The word POSSE (No. 12) has been adopted entirely; the others we have manipulated and suited to our uses. A very special word is No. 5. The most important qualities of a person are his potentialities. Very few people take the trouble to explore their real potential.

1. Potent : POTEN t (pote’ ent) adj.

Powerful; capable

2. Potence : POTEN ce (pote’ ens) n.

Degree of power; potency

3. Potentate : POTEN tate (pote’ en tate) n.

A monarch; a ruler

4. Potential : POTEN tial (po ten’ chal) adj.

Having the possibility of development

5. Potentiality : POTEN tiality (po ten chee al’ it ee) n.

The ability to develop; possibility of power

6. Potentiate : POTEN tiate (po ten’ chee ate) v.

To endow with power; with potentiality

7. Potentialize : POTEN tialize (po ten’ shal ize) v.

To make capable; to make potential

8. Potentiometer : POTEN tiometer (po ten chee om’ et er) n.

An instrument to measure electromotive foces

9. Potentize : POTEN tize (poe’ ten tize) v.

To render potent; to make capable

10. Potestative : POTES tative (poe’ test ay tiv) adj.

Having authority or power

11. Omnipotent : omni POTEN t (om nip’ o tent) adj.

All powerful

12. Posse : POSSE (pos’ ee) n.

An armed band; a force with legal authority

13. Possess : POSSE ss (po zes’) v.

To have and to hold as legal property

14. Possessed : POSSE ssed (po zesd’) adj.

Controlled and influenced as by evil ideas

15. Possessor : POSSE ssor (po zes’ or) n.

One who possesses property; as, a proud possessor of a large estate

16. Possible : POSS ible (pos’ i b’l) adj.

Able to be; it may chance

17. Possibilitate : POSS ibilitate (pos i bil’ i tate) v.

To make possible

18. Possibility : POSS ibility (pos i bil’ it ee) n.

The state of being possible; as, a possibility of failure

19. Impotent : im POTEN t (im’ pot ent) adj.

Incapable; lacking power

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