puls & pel

These ROOT-WORDS are PEL & PULS which come from the Latin pellere & pulsus and it means DRIVE, PUSH & THROS. It is a ROOT-WORD that takes seven Prefixes to give full range of its violence. There isn’t a peaceful word on the list nor is there a quiet moment in its usage-Inner and outer turmoil accompanies this ROOT-WORD. Of course, if that is the impression wanted, there’s nothing better, but be certain that that is the word you want before you use PEL or PULS.

1. Impulsion :im PULS ion (im pul’ shun) n.

An uncontrollable impulse to actl; as, an impulsion to shoot

2. Pulse :PULS e (puls) n.

Beat; heartbeat

3. Pulsation :PULS ation (pul say’ shun) n.

The regular heartbeat; throbbing; as, the pulsations of the wind

4. Compel :com PEL (kom pel’) v.

To urge; force

5. Compulsion :com PULS ion (kom pul’ shun) n.

The state of being forced; driven

6. Compulsive :com PULS ive (kom pul’ siv) adj.

Being forced; as, compulsive eating

7. Compulsory :com PULS ory (kom puls’ o ree) adj.

Acting under compulsion; as, compulsory education

8. Expel :ex PEL (ek spel’) v.

Drive out; throw out; as, expel from school

9. Repel :re PEL (re pel’) v.

Drive back; as, repel the enemy

10. Propel :pro PEL (pro pel’) v.

Push forward; as, the use of steam to propel ships

11. Impel :im PEL (im pel’) v.

To force; to urge; as, facts impel the jury to judge him guilty

12. Dispel :dis PEL (dis pel’) v.

To scatter; to drive away; as, dispel doubt

13. Impulsive :im PULS ive (im pul’ siv) adj.

Driven to act quickly;

14. Repulsive :re PULS ive (re pul’ siv) adj.

Disgusting; as, repulsive language

15. Repulse :re PULS e (re puls’) n.

The action of driving back; rejection; as, his proposal was repulsed

16. Propulsive :pro PULS ive (pro pul’ siv) adj.

Tending to push forward

17. Propulsion :pro PULS ion (pro pul’ shun) n.

State of being pushed forward

18. Repellent :re PEL lent (re pel’ ent) adj.

Driving back; as, water-repellent fabrics

19. Expulsion :ex PULS ion (ek spul’ shun) n.

State of being expelled, thrown out

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