Rupali and Sorcerer

Rupali and Sorcerer :

King Hukam Singh was the ruler of Surajgarh. His subjects lived in peace and happiness. The people were hard working and honest. The land was green and fertile.

The king was satisfied at the state of his kingdom. But the sadness of the queen made him unhappy. The queen was childless in spite of worships, penance, yajnas and treatments. Noting worked.

The king was growing old. But miracle happened. The queen gave birth to a cute female child. All the people rejoiced at it. The overjoyed king gave feasts and very generously gave donations. Everyone got treats in one way or the other.

The beauteous princess was named Rupali. Her beauty became more noticeable as she grew up. Her long wavy hair drew everyone's attention. The princess received training in arms and martial arts like a prince. She was very courageous. The only minus point about her was that she was arrogant.

Being the only child of the aging king, the parents were over-indulgent. She became adamant person who would listen to no one. She had grown up into marriageable age. The king worried about her marriage. He was getting older and older.

Many eligible princes sought the hand of Rupali. But she rejected all of them saying that they were unfit.

The king's worries were increasing. One day, Rupali and her friend Sahla went on a hunting trip with some soldiers. In excitement she raced her horse ahead. After some time she realised that others were far behind. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful deer.

As she prepared to shoot arrow, the deer spoke, “Princess' spare me. I can take you to fairyland.’

Rupali was curious. She got off her horse and said, 'Till the time others catch up with me I can pay a brief visit to the fairyland."

Rupa was thirsty. She reached the river bank with the deer. The deer was intact a sorcerer and the river he led Rupali to was magic river.

As soon as Rupali touched the water she turned into a stone statue and sank into water.

The soldiers looked for her everywhere in the jungle. At last they returned unsuccessful.

The king announced that whoever traces out Rupali will be entitled to marry her. Many young men combed the jungles but met failure only. A very clever Youngman named Suman too set out in search of Rupali. He saw the same deer in the jungle. The deer was very attractive. Suman thought of hunting the deer as an exercise to get charged up. Failure to find Rupali was making him feel low. As he prepared to shoot his arrow the deer spoke 'I can take you to fairyland."

Ignoring its talk, Suman shot the arrow which went into the deer’s forehead. It got transformed into a sorcerer who writhed on the ground. Suman shot another arrow and the sorcerer rolled into the river. In a trice the river dried up and a beautiful palace stood there. Suman went inside and found a princess and many people imprisoned there. In reply to Suman’s question the princess said, “I am Rupali, the princess daughter of king Hukam Singh of Surajgarh. A sorcerer trapped me by offering to take me to the fairyland."

Suman introduced himself and told her that her father was very worried for her. Suman freed all the prisoners and bought Rupali to Surajgarh on his horseback. The princess was very impressed by the daring act of Suman. She praised his valour to her father. The king informed her about his announcement.

The date of marriage of Rupali and Suman was fixed in consultation with the royal priest. After the marriage the king declared Suman as the heir to the throne.

Rupali and Sorcerer :

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