Sentences in Present Continuous Tense

Sentences in Present Continuous Tense :

  1. He is achieving goal.
  2. He is arguing a lot.
  3. He is arranging a tour.
  4. He is believing me.
  5. He is blaming me.
  6. He is breaking the glass.
  7. He is driving the car.
  8. He is enjoying the music.
  9. He is enquiring me.
  10. He is following me.
  11. He is granting leave.
  12. He is guiding me.
  13. He is leading me.
  14. He is liking music.
  15. He is omitting a question.
  16. He is paying money.

  17. I am achieving now.
  18. I am arguing a lot.
  19. I am arranging a show.
  20. I am believing you.
  21. I am blaming you.
  22. I am breaking the ice.
  23. I am driving the bike.
  24. I am enjoying the film.
  25. I am enquiring him.
  26. I am following them.
  27. I am granting money.
  28. I am guiding you.
  29. I am leading you.
  30. I am liking songs.
  31. I am omitting the book.
  32. I am paying money.

  33. She is achieving a lot.
  34. She is arguing a lot.
  35. She is arranging a picnic.
  36. She is believing him.
  37. She is blaming him.
  38. She is breaking the cup.
  39. She is driving the scooter.
  40. She is enjoying the movie.
  41. She is enquiring at the station.
  42. She is following you.
  43. She is granting permission.
  44. She is guiding him.
  45. She is leading her.
  46. She is liking reading.
  47. She is omitting a chapter.
  48. She is paying money.

  49. They are achieving the reward.
  50. They are arguing a lot.
  51. They are arranging a party.
  52. They are believing us.
  53. They are blaming us.
  54. They are breaking the house.
  55. They are driving the train.
  56. They are enjoying the excursion.
  57. They are enquiring us.
  58. They are following us.
  59. They are granting discount.
  60. They are guiding us.
  61. They are leading us.
  62. They are liking for outing.
  63. They are omitting us.
  64. They are paying money.

  65. We are achieving the result.
  66. We are arguing a lot.
  67. We are arranging a function.
  68. We are believing them.
  69. We are blaming them.
  70. We are breaking the door.
  71. We are driving the van.
  72. We are enjoying the picnic.
  73. We are enquiring them.
  74. We are following her.
  75. We are granting ticket.
  76. We are guiding them.
  77. We are leading them.
  78. We are liking to chat.
  79. We are omitting her.
  80. We are paying money.

  81. You are achieving the best.
  82. You are arguing a lot.
  83. You are arranging an excursion.
  84. You are believing her.
  85. You are blaming her.
  86. You are breaking the window.
  87. You are driving the auto.
  88. You are enjoying tour.
  89. You are enquiring me.
  90. You are following him.
  91. You are granting offer.
  92. You are guiding me.
  93. You are leading me.
  94. You are liking for stamp.
  95. You are omitting a lesson.
  96. You are paying money.

Sentences in Present Continuous Tense :

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