ROOT-WORD is the Prefix SESQUI which comes from the Latin sesqui which means ONE AND A HALF. It is not advisable to form the habit of SESQUIpedality, but it is good not to be afraid of SESQUIpedalian words. They are simple to analyze. In the next pages you will find a genuine SESQUIpedalian.

1. Sesquialteral : SESQUI alteral (ses kwi al’ ter al) adj.

Having the ratio of 1 ½ to 1 : 1 ½ times as great as the other

2. Sesquicentennial: SESQUI centennial(ses kwi sen ten’ ee al) adj.

Relating to a century and a half

3. Sesquiduplicate : SESQUI duplicate (ses kwi due’ pli kat) adj.

Having the ratio of 5 to 2

4. Sesquipedalia : SESQUI pedalia(ses kwi pe day’ li a) n. pl.

Very long words; (humorous) Words a foot and a half long

5. Sesquipedalian : SESQUI pedalian (ses kwi pe dale; yen) adj.

Said of a very long word

6. Sesquipedality : SESQUI pedality (ses kwi pe dal’ i ti) n.

The quality of a style which uses very long words

7. Sesquipedalianism: SESQUI pedalianism(ses kwi pe day’ li an iz um) n.


8. Sesquisulphide : SESQUI sulphide (ses kwi sul’ fide) n.

A sulphide containing 3 atoms of sulphur to 2 of the other ingredients

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