Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense :

This Tense is used to express an action which took place in the past and is completed by the time of speaking.

This tense is used to express

1. past actions

The film started at 7p.m.
Manoj left this place a month ago.
1 finished my project last week.

2. past habits

The staff often complained.
He studied many hours everyday.
She traveled for long.

3. past historical events

Raja Raja Cholan built many temples in Tanjore.
Newton saw an apple fall.
Akbar invaded many places.
Bush was the President of USA.
Clinton came to Indian when he was The President of USA.

Examples :

1. Shri Aurobindo was born in Kolkata.
2. Amarthiya Sen got the Nobel Prize.
3. My uncle left for Canada.
4. He showed me a beautiful necklace.
5. I grew tired of heavy work.
6. He repaired his house.
7. The boys threw the ball.
8. He ate an apple.
9. He performed well in the stage.
10. She practiced for the match.

Words / phrased which are quite often used to indicate the presence of this Tense in the sentences.

Last week / year / month
Ago / Long long ago / two years ago / long ago / two months ago
Once / Once upon a time
In those days
One day
In 1980
In olden days
In ancient days / times
In my childhood
In my boyhood days

Few sentences in Simple Past Tense form :

1 ate a mango.
1 brought this camera in Japan.
I found a ring.
I grew a tree.
1 knew about her.

We saw a snake.
We did a lot of housework yesterday.
We met the principal at home.
We got a gift from the teacher.
We saw the cinema yesterday.

You arrived in October.
You watched TV.
You forget me.
You corrected his judgment.
You insulted me.

They left this place a month ago.
They stayed in Delhi.
They sat son the table.
They often complained.
They cleaned the floor.

He believed her.
He sang a beautiful love song.
He spelt my name wrong.
He spent the day at the beach.
He threw a stone towards the sky.

She shut the window.
She passed her examination.
She invited them to our party.
She grew a cat.
She ran quickly.

It fell in the well.
It happened at lunchtime.
It dragged me.
It went to the forest.
It ate a guava fruit.

Simple Past Tense :

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