What is the difference between "She went out slamming the door" and "She went out and slammed the door"?

The first sentence suggests that the person slammed the door as she was going out. The two actions, the person walking out and the slamming of the door, took place simultaneously. The action was continuous. There was no break.

Here is another example.

• She picked up the telephone crying.

This sentence suggests that the individual while crying picked up the phone.

The second sentence "went out and slammed the door" suggests there was a pause between the two actions — however minute the pause may have been. The individual went out, stopped and then slammed the door. The action wasn't continuous. The incident is seen as two separate actions.

Here's another example.

• The man yawned and picked up the telephone.

This sentence suggests that the man yawned first and then after he had finished yawning, he picked up the telephone.

Whereas a sentence like "Yawning, the man picked up the telephone" seems to suggest the man picked up the phone while he was yawning.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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