spectro, spect & spec

ROOT-WORDS are SPEC, SPECT & SPECTRO which mean WATCH, SEE & OBSERVE. They come from the Latin spectare and specto. From a simple SPECTacle we slip into science and space science which employs “out of the world" vocabulary.

1. Spectacle : SPECT acle (spek’ ta k’l) n.

A show; as, a gorgeous spectacle

2. Spectacular : SPECT acular (spek tak; yu lar) adj.

Appealing to the sight; thrilling

3. Spectator : SPECT ator (spec’ tate er) n.

One who looks on; an observer

4. Specter : SPECT er (spek; ter) n.

A disembodied spirit; a ghost

5. Spectral : SPECT ral (spek’ tral) adj.

Relating to a specter; ghostlike

6. Spectrogram : SPECTRO gram (spek’ tro gram) n.

A photograph

7. Spectrum : SPECT rum (spek’ trum) n.

Wavelengths of color, from red to violet; an afterimage

8. Spectroscope : SPECTRO scope (spek’ tro skope) n.

An instrument used to analyze spectra

9. Spectrophone : SPECTRO phone (spek’ tro fone) n.

The science of analyzing spectra

10. Spectrology : SPECTRO logy (spek troll’ o ji) n.

The science of spectrums

11. Spectrohelioscope: SPECTRO helioscope(spek tro he’ li o skope) n.

An instrument for the observation of the sun

12. Spectroheliograph: SPECTRO heliograph (spek tro hee’ li o graf) n.

An instrument which combines use of spectroscope, camera and telescope

13. Spectrometry : SPECTRO metry (spek trom’ e tree) n.

The measuring of wavelengths of rays

14. Spectrophobia : SPECTRO phobia (spek tro foe’ bi a) n.

Fear of ghosts

15. Species : SPES ies (spee’ sheze) n.

Kinds; varieties; types

16. Special : SPE ial (spesh’ ul) adj.

Relating to some particular quality

17. Specialist : SPEC ialist (spesh’ u list) n.

One who is expert in a special activity

18. Specimen : SPE imen (spes’ i men) n.

A sample of a certain kind or thing

19. Specious : SPEC ious (spee’ shus) adj.

Pleasing to the eye but deceptive

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