Storytelling By Children

Storytelling By Children :

Telling a story is a useful activity for children for several reasons. Besides developing their acting skills, their feel for drama and a sense of audience, it promotes oral fluency, intelligibility, clarity of thought, crisp, distinctive, elegant and eloquent diction, and confidence in handling language. Children should be allowed to select the story they wish to tell or the experience they choose to narrate. A rehearsal before the actual storytelling may help the child to…

1. develop confidence in speaking before others

2. sequence events properly

3. express complete thoughts

4. use a variety of sentence patterns

5. use appropriate vocabulary

6. articulate distinctly

7. pronounce words correctly

8. speak clearly

9. vary and control volume of voice

10. use appropriate gestures and facial expressions

11. avoid unnecessary repetitions

12. maintain a proper posture to perform before an audience

13. emote well

14. select and use pictures, puppets or other aids, audio or visual—if he wants to.

During the telling of the story, teacher should be ready to prompt or fill in if necessary. In case the child gives up half way, teacher should not insist on continuing with narration. The activity should be an enjoyable learning experience for the learner. A little preparation will prove immensely beneficial in making it worthwhile.

Storytelling By Children :

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