ROOT-WORD is the Prefix SUB which means UNDER & BENEATH. This is a very useful ROOT with history both ancient and modern right down to our own SUBway. Please note the difference in accent of No. 7 and No. 8. They are the same word, but one is a noun the other a verb. Notice also the change in spelling of Nos. 9 and 10. The Latin verb mergere, to plunge, becomes mersus in the past participle. SUBurban comes from urbs, city. In ancient Rome the city was built on the hill for a position of safety. Outlying districts were below.

1. Subaltern : SUB altern (su bal’ tern) n.

Under another; inferior in rank

2. Subcutaneous : SUB cutaneous (sub kyu tay’ nee us) adj.

Under the skin

3. Subdivide : SUB divide (sub di vide’) v.

To cut up into small lots

4. Subdue : SUB due (sub dyue’) v.

To overcome; vanquish

5. Subconscious : SUB conscious (sub kon’ chus) adj.

Under the conscious level of the mind

6. Subfluvial : SUB fluvial (sub flue’ vi al) adj.

Placed under a river; as, a tunnel

7. Subject : SUB ject (sub ject’) v.

To place under control of another

8. Subject : SUB ject (sub’ ject) n.

A topic to write about; the underling of a king

9. Submerge : SUB merge (sub merj’) v.

To plunge under; as, submerge under a wave

10. Submersion : SUB mersion (sub mer’ zhun) n.

The act of placing completely under water

11. Submission : SUB mission (sub mish’ un) n.

The act of putting oneself under the control of another

12. Subpoena : SUB poena (su pee’ na) n.

A writ placing one under threat of punishment unless one appears in court

13. Subscribe : SUB scribe (sub skribe’) v.

To underwrite; sign one’s name under a contract; as, to subscribe to a magazine

14. Subsidize : SUB sidize (sub’ si dize) v.

To adi with public funds; as, subsidize a national theater

15. Substantiate : SUB stantiate (sub stan’ chee ate) v.

To make firm with support; as, substantiate the man’s claims

16. Subterfuge : SUB ter fuge (sub’ ter fyuje) n.

Deception; as, he escaped by a subterfuge

17. Substitute : SUB statute (sub sti tute’) n.

Someone who takes the place of another; as, a substitute teacher

18. Subterraneous : SUB terraneous (sub to ray’ nee us) adj.

Under ground; as, a subterraneous passage

19. Subversive : SUB versive (sub ver’ siv) adj.

Tending to undermine the government

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