ROOT-WORD is the Prefix SUR which means OVER, ABOVE & MORE. This Prefix does not indicate greatness or superiority. In No. 2, it is a belt tied over a saddle. In No. 13, it describes an article of clothing that goes over other clothes.SUR is not used as a suffix.

1. Surcharge : SUR charge (sur chari) n.

An addition over and above the price

2. Surcingle : SUR cingle (sur sin g’l) n.

A belt drawn over the saddle to keep it one the horse

3. Surcoat : SUR coat (sur kote) n.


4. Surface : SUR face (sur fas) n.

The top layer; as, the surface of the water

5. Surfeit : SUR feit (sur fit) v.

To sicken with having too much, with excess

6. Surmise : SUR mise (sur mize’) v.

To guess; to have superficial opinion based on little evidence

7. Surpass : SUR pass (sur pas’) v.

To get ahead of; to transcend

8. Surplice : SUR plice (sur plis) n.

A white linen vestment worn over the cassock of a priest

9. Surplus : SUR plus (sur plus) n.

Over plus; excess; abundance

10. Surprise : SUR prise (sur prize’) v.

To take unawares

11. Surround : SUR round (sur round’) v.

To go around on all sides; encircle

12. Surtax : SUR tax (sur taks) n.

An additional tax

13. Surtout : SUR tout (sur tu’) n.

Over all; a man’s overcoat

14. Surveillance : SUR veillance (sur vay’ lens) n.

Supervision; the watch over all

15. Survey : SUR vey (sur vay’) v.

Look over with an appraising eye; oversee

16. Surveyor : SUR veyor (sur vay’ or) n.

One who appraises; overseer

17. Survigrous : SUR vigorous (Sur vig’ rus) adj.

Very active; enterprising

18. Survival : SUR vival (Sur vie’ val) n.

Continuing to live; keeping alive

19. Survivor : SUR vivor (sur vie’ vor) n.

One who remained alive

20. Survive : SUR vive (sur vive’) v.

Remain alive longer than others

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