syn, sym, syl & sys

ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes SYS, SYL, SYM & SYN all meaning WITH, TOGETHER & ALONG WITH. SYL is used before the letter l. SYM is used before the letter m. SYN is used before the letter n. It’s the old story of assimilation and labials causing the changes for the sake of euphony. Remember?

1. Syllable : SYL lable (sil’ a b’l) n.

One or more letters which together form one sound

2. Monosyllable : mono SYL lable (mon’ o syl a b’l) n.

A word of one syllable; as “no"

3. Syllogism : SYL logism (sil’ o jiz um) n.

A formal argument with a major and minor premise and a conclusion

4. Syllogist : SYL logist (sil’ o jist) n.

One skilled in syllogistic reasoning

5. System : SYS tem (sys’ tem) n.

A planned arrangement of procedures; method

6. Systematic : SYS thematic (sys tem at’ ik) adj.

Arranged methodically according to a system

7. Symbol : SYM bol (sim’ bol) n.

Something that stands as a visible sign of something else; as, a lion is a symbol of courage

8. Symbolize : SYM metry (sim’ e tree) n.

A balanced arrangement insize and form

10. Symmetrical : SYM metrical (si me’ tri k’l) adj.

Arranged in interchangeable parts

11. Sympathy : SYM pathy (sim’ pa thee) n.

Going along with others in feeling; as, sympathy for the homeless

12. Sympathetic : SYM pathetic (sym pa thet’ ik) adj.

Having mutual feelings; as, sympathy for others

13. Symphony : SYM phony (sim’ fo nee) n.

A harmony of sound; musicians playing in harmony

14. Synchronize : SYN chronize (sin’ kro nize) v.

To make happen at the same time

15. Syncopation : SYN copation (sin ko pay’ shun) n.

A temporary displacement of the regular accent

16. Syndactyl : SYN dactyl (sin dak’ tal) adj.

Having webbed feet; as, ducks

17. Syndicate : SYN dicate (sin’ di kat) n.

An association of persons for business

18. Syndrome : SYN drome (sin’ drome) n.

Signs and symptoms coming together at the same time

19. Synonym : SYN onym (sin’ o nim) n.

Two words which have practically the same meaning; as, system and method

20. Synthesis : SYN thesis (sin’ the sis) n.

A combination of parts to form a whole.SYN takes you along with your best.

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