Synonyms Exercises

Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

76. DEVOID : (ANSWER : C - Evasive means careless, stupid means foolish.)

(a) evasive (b) hopeless (c) lacking (d) stupid

77. RESOLVED : (ANSWER : C - Resolved is determined.)

(a) summarised (b) dispelled (c) determined (d) hanged

78. APPOSITE : (ANSWER : A - Apposite is suitable, pertinent, relevant.)

(a) appropriate (b) foolish (c) paiuful (d) none of these

79. BUOYANT : (ANSWER : D - Sturdy means strong, brisk means energetic. Buoyant is cheerful….not easily depressed.)

(a) childlike (b) sturdy (c) brisk (d) light-hearted

80. INFIRM : (ANSWER : D - Infirm is feeble or weak in body or health.)

(a) sturdy (b) anxious (c) patient (d) feeble

81. INTELLECT : (ANSWER : A - Imbecility means mental weakness. Insanity means madness. Reverie means day-dreaming. Vacuity means emptiness.)

(a) rationality (b) imbecility (c) insanity (d) reverie

82. MANIAC : (ANSWER : A - Lunatic means mad. Deft means skilful. Dunce means highly ignorant.)

(a) lunatic (b) deft (c) sober (d) dunce

83. OMEN : (ANSWER : A - Augury is an omen, token or indication.)

(a) augury (b) superstition (c) imagery (d) imagination

84. SPECTACLE : (ANSWER : A - Mystification means deliberately making mysterious, difficult to understand. Tableau means dramatic scene.)

(a) pageant (b) show (c) mystification (d) panorama

85. TURBULENCE : (ANSWER : C - Commotion means a disorderly outburst or tumult. It is very close to turbulence which means unstable flow of a liquid or gas. Turbulence also refers to a state of disturbance.)

(a) treachery (b) triumph (c) commotion (d) overflow

86. DEFER : (ANSWER : C - Other synonyms are prorogue, put off, set back, shelve.)

(a) discourage (b) minimize (c) postpone (d) estimate

87. ADAGE : (ANSWER : A - An adage is a proverb or byword.)

(a) proverb (b) youth (c) supplement (d) hardness

88. ENSUE : (ANSWER : D - Ensue is a verb which means to happen afterwards as a consequence or result. Example of use as adjective is the ensuant response to his appeal.)

(a) compel (b) plead (c) remain (d) follow

89. ZENITH : (ANSWER : D - Zenith means summit, top, celestial point.)

(a) lowest point (b) middle (c) compass (d) summit

90. HYPOTHETICAL : (ANSWER : B - Hypothetical means something based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence. Other synonyms are conjectural, divinatory, suppositious.)

(a) magical (b) theoretical (c) visual (d) two-faced

Synonyms Exercises :

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