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Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

31. BLITHE : (ANSWER : D - Blithe refers showing casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper.)

(a) joyless (b) grudging (c) somnolent (d) indifferent

32. CAPTIVATE : (ANSWER : D - You are captivated by something attractive. It fascinates you.)

(a) repel (b) subjugate (c) dangerous (d) fascinate

33. REDEEM : (ANSWER : D - I have lost my reputation and nothing can redeem it. That is, much though I may try, no good action on my part can bring my lost reputation back. In other words, I cannot recover my reputation.)

(a) extend (b) fulfil (c) reconsider (d) recover

34. BLAND : (ANSWER : D - That which is bland is rather dull and unexciting. Doordarshan is infamous for its bland presentations of sports events. Similarly, food can be bland. That is, it has very little flavour. In other words, it is tasteless.)

(a) unpleasant (b) irritating (c) affable (d) tasteless

35. VISIONARY : (ANSWER : A - A visionary is one who has vision for the future. He comes up with strong, original ideas. He can foresee the changes to come and shapes the future, bringing about an improvement. All visionary ideas are dreams at one stage. But all dreams do not mature. Most of them remain pipedreams. A visionary is a dreamy person.)

(a) dreamy (b) savant (c) philosopher (d) saint

36. REVOKE : (ANSWER : B - When a law is revoked, it stands cancelled. We can also say that the law has been repealed.)

(a) repudiate (b) repeal (c) impute (d) force

37. REPRISAL : (ANSWER : D - When an army operation was launched to bomb the terrorists, they took the army chief hostage in reprisal. That is, they mounted pressure on the army because the army mounted pressure on them. In other words, they retaliated.)

(a) denial (b) reluctance (c) unequivocal (d) retaliation

38. FASTIDIOUS : (ANSWER : B - If you are fastidious, you pay great attention to details. You like everything to be very neat, accurate, and orderly. A dainty object is small, delicate and pretty. The nearness of meaning lies in that fastidious persons like things to be dainty.)

(a) faint (b) dainty (c) delicious (d) dormant

39. ATTRIBUTE : (ANSWER : B - If A is the cause of B, you attribute B to A. usually; if B is something bad (blame, charge etc.), we use impute instead of attribute. Sample the following : When Sri Lanka beat Pakistan, the Sri Lankans attributed their success to their batsmen. The Pakistanis imputed the blame of their defeat to their sloppy fielding.)

(a) infer (b) impute (c) inhere (d) inundate

40. DIALECTIC : (ANSWER : A - In philosophy, dialectics is a method of reasoning and reaching conclusions by considering theories and ideas together with ones that contradict them. Such contradictions lead to argumentation and often degenerate into arguments.)

(a) argumentative (b) instructive (c) constructive (d) destructive

41. GERMINATE : (ANSWER : D - When a seed germinates, it puts forth shoots. In other words, it sprouts.)

(a) decay (b) breed (c) produce (d) sprout

42. EFFICACY : (ANSWER : C - Efficacy is effectiveness. Efficiency is the ability to do a thing successfully. Your efficacy is judged by how efficient you are.)

(a) delicacy (b) ruthlessness (c) efficiency (d) solemnity

43. MAGNATE : (ANSWER : A - John D Rockefeller was an oil magnate. Onassis was a shipping tycoon. Both Rockefeller and Onassis were big businessmen, their spheres being oil (petroleum) and shipping respectively. Both magnate and tycoon refer to businessmen who have made it big, their success making them rich and powerful.)

(a) tycoon (b) senior executive (c) non-magnetic (d) symbolic

44. FACET : (ANSWER : D - A facet of something is a single part or aspect of it.)

(a) sweet (b) tap (c) deceit (d) aspect

45. PERNICIOUS : (ANSWER : A - Violence in films has a pernicious influence on our children. That is, the influence is harmful. Similarly, a deadly situation has harmful consequences. Is heinous a synonym of pernicious? No. Heinous crimes are extremely evil and horrible. When one calls a crime heinous, one is rather disgusted with its horror than concerned about its harmfulness.)

(a) deadly (b) curious (c) gorgeous (d) expensive

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