The Jackal and The War Drum

The Jackal and The War Drum :

Once in a forest there lived a jackal named Gomaya. He was too lazy to hunt for his food. He often chased away younger jackals who would catch a prey and eat it himself.

All the other jackals were upset with him. They all got together and decided to get rid of Gomaya. None of them was as big as he, and could not challenge him individually. “This is getting beyond control," said one jackal.

“We make all the effort and kill a prey and Gomaya comes and claims it."

“I have an idea," said another jackal.

“We will take turns catching prey. And while one of us has his food, the others together will keep Gomaya away. He is no match for all of us."

Things became very difficult for Gomaya after that. He could no longer snatch food from the other jackals. They all attacked him together and chased him away. They would not even allow him to hunt in that part of the forest any more.

Gomaya wandered far away into another part of the forest. At last he came to the farthest part of the forest. By now, he had not eaten for many days. He was feeling very weak and tired. “I have to find some food soon or else I will die," he thought. As he wandered around, he came to an abandoned battle field.

Suddenly, there was a loud and frightening noise. “Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Gomaya was filled with fear and turned and ran away as fast as he could. After running a short distance, Gomaya stopped. He could still hear the sound. But it was not coming closer. “I must be brave and find out what is causing that terrible sound," he decided. Gomaya slowly went back to the battle field. His heart was full of dread, but he decided to be brave.

When he got there, Gomaya sighed with relief. The sound was being made by a harmless old war drum lying beside a tree in the abandoned battle field. Every time the wind blew, the lower branches of the tree would brush against the drum making a loud noise.

Gomaya was thrilled to find a lot of food lying near the war drum. He ate heartily till his stomach was full.

What a fool I would have been if I had run away in fear and missed all this delicious food," thought the jackal.

The Jackal and The War Drum :

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