The Result of Bragging

The Result of Bragging :

Anova and Greets were bosom friends. They were very attached to each other. Meanwhile, a man named Morio met them and he began coming closer to them.

Once all three went to a party. There, while eating food something came on Morio and he started talking loudly. His raised voice made others look towards the three.

Morio was bragging. He claimed, “The house I live in is a great wonder. You speak loudly in a room and the other room echoes it."

Anova asked very surprised. 'Really' How can a talk in one room gets echoed in another room? How is it possible?'

Morio added, “It is no ordinary echo. It echoes ten times. You call my name in a room and the other room would echo my name ten times."

“Really'…everyone looked at Morio. A rich man was also present in the party. He could not tolerate the bragging of Morio. What he really didn’t like was that Morio was drawing everyone’s attention. No one was paying attention to him. He said loudly, 'Your rooms echo ten times? That’s no big thing. My mansion echoes voices twenty times.'

Suddenly, everyone looked towards the rich man. It pleased the rich man. Morio was also surprised. Anova could not believe it. ‘It is impossible that rooms can echo a sound twenty times.'

The rich man argued, 'Why is it not possible? You don't know how old my mansion is. Its rooms do echo sounds of other rooms twenty times. You can come to my mansion and see it for yourself.’

Many people came forward to express their wish to test the echoing. That put the rich man in a fix. He had hoped that no one would really want to test his claim. But his hope was wrong. Now he could not stop people from coming to his house

Anova and Greets asked, ‘Well sir, when shall we come to your house?" The rich man had to invite them to the next evening.

The rich man was now very worried. The next evening people would come and there would be no echo in his rooms. That would be a great shame for him. He told his wife his problem. They talked and made a plan to fool the people.

Accordingly the rich man called his old faithful servant Piero and told him about the plan. Piero was to hide in a closet adjoining the next room. When the rich man would call out he was to repeat it twenty times.

At the appointed time the people reached the rich man’s mansion. Anova and Greets had also arrived. The rich man called out. "Anova! Anova!" The another room echoed it twenty times…Anova… Anova….Anova.

The people listened in great wonder. The people called one another name to hear the echo. For a long time the echoes kept coming.

By chance one of the people was named Piero. His friend called out to hear the echo…. 'Piero…Piero’ where are you?" This time instead of echo answer came "Sir! I am here. Coming. Sir!"

And Piero came out of the closet. He thought that his master had called him to service. The people had become noisy. So, no one knew what was happening. The rich man was at a loss to understand what had gone wrong. Some people realised that they didn’t hear the echoes of the last call. Suspicious Anova called out loudly, 'Greets' Greets'!"

There was no echo. The people now knew that they had been tricked. Many of them angrily advanced towards the rich man. Anova thundered, 'Don t you feel ashamed of yourself for cheating us?"

Anova and Greets looked so agitated that they were about to thrash the rich man The rich man begged…Please forgive me. I am very sorry. I will never again do any wrong to you Please…"

The people departed making fun of the rich man. He made a resolve never again to boast or do any bragging. Because of it he got insulted and barely escaped being beaten up.

The Result of Bragging :

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The Result of Bragging
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