Tools-To-Help :

No matter the person,
Or the obsession,
A bag of tools,
Is given with lesson.

Ever person,
Who walks with life,
Needs some tools,
To help get through strife.

Tools to help get through,
Conflicts and addictions.
Tools come in handy,
And help with restrictions.

With conflict the best tool,
Is to find a resolution.
With problems the best tool,
Is to find the solution.

With your unhappiness the best tool,
Is to change your situation.
With someone else's unhappiness,
Help them see their blessings.

With feelings of exhaustion,
Is to stop and take care.
When you lose faith,
Take time to say a little prayer.

With every issue,
You have a helping hand.
That will lead you the right way,
Just let God be part of the plan .

Catherine Pulsifer

Tools-To-Help :

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