vent,veni & ven

ROOT-WORDS are VEN, VENI & VENT which come from the Latin- venire & ventus which mean to COME. The famous message which Julius Caesar sent to the Senate in Rome announcing his victory in Asia over 2,000 years ago is a marvel of brevity and action; “I came, I saw, I conquered" - “Veni, vidi, vici." Of the many ROOTS which you have accumulated so far, sixteen are reviewed with the new ROOT- VEN, VENI & VENT. Every ROOT is important and will appear somewhere in a new word.

1. Venture : VENT ure (ven’ chur) n.

Entering as project which implies a risk

2. Venturesome : VENT uresome (ven’ chur som) adj.

Bold; daring; unafraid

3. Convention : con VENT ion (kon’ vent shun) n.

A coming together; a congress

4. Advene : ad VEN e (ad vene’) v.

To come to; to reach to

5. Advent : Ad VENT (ad’ vent) n.

The Coming

6. Adventure : ad VENT ure (ad ven’ chur) n.

A remarkable experience

7. Advernturer : ad VENT urer (ad ven’ chur er) n.

One who undertakes risky experiences

8. Adventuress : ad VENT uress (ad vench’ u res) n.

A woman who makes a living by dangerous and doubtful means

9. Adventitious : ad VENT itious (ad ven tish’ us) adj.

Not usual; accidental; as, adventitious buds

10. Adventurous : ad VENT urous (ad vench’ u rus) adj.


11. Event : e VENT (e vent’) n.

A happening; a result; an occurrence; as, a blessed event

12. Eventful : e VENT ful (e vent’ ful) adj.

Full of excitement and importance

13. Eventually : e VENT ually (e vench’ u al ee) adv.

Finally; as, eventually we shall know

14. Convene : con VENE (kon vene’) v.

Come together; to assemble for

15. Convenient : con VEN ient (kon vee’ nyent) adj.

Accommodation; as, at a convenient time

16. Convenience : con VENI ence (kon vee’ nyens) n.

Personal comfort; as, at your convenience

17. Conventional : con VENT ional (kon ven’ chun al) adj.

The usual thing; not original

18. Intervention : inter VENT ion (int er ven’ shun) n.

A coming between; an interruption

19. Prevention : pre VENT ion (pre ven’ chun) n.

Coming before to stop something

20. Preventive : pre VENT ive (pre vent’ iv) adj.

Tending to stop the coming; as preventive machine

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