Vocation :

On your way to school or market you see many people at work. In pairs, discuss what you have noticed. Then read this poem. You may read it aloud with a partner, if you like.

When the gong sounds ten in the morning and

I walk to school by our lane,

Every day I meet the hawker crying, “Bangles,

crystal bangles!”

There is nothing to hurry him on, there is no

road he must take, no place he must go to, no

time when he must come home.

I wish I were a hawker, spending my day in

the road, crying, “Bangles, crystal bangles!”

When at four in the afternoon I come back from

the school,

I can see through the gate of that house the

gardener digging the ground.

He does what he likes with his spade, he soils

his clothes with dust, nobody takes him to

task, if he gets baked in the sun or gets wet.

I wish I were a gardener digging away at the

garden with nobody to stop me from digging.

Just as it gets dark in the evening and my

mother sends me to bed,

I can see through my open window the

watchman walking up and down.

The lane is dark and lonely, and the streetlamp

stands like a giant with one red eye in its head.

The watchman swings his lantern and walks

with his shadow at his side, and never once

goes to bed in his life.

I wish I were a watchman walking the street

all night, chasing the shadows with my


Rabindranath Tagore

The word POETRY originates from a Greek word meaning TO MAKE. A poet is thus a maker and the poem something that is made or created. No single definition of poetry is possible but some characteristic features of poetry may be mentioned. Poetry has a musical quality with rhythm, pitch, metre and it may use figures of speech such as simile and metaphor. While quite a few poems in this selection are in traditional forms, the unit also includes modern poems that are free from formal restrictions.

Here is a list of English Poems written by various authors. Whatever the question is, poetry may be the answer. Writers say poetry provides them with comfort, a way to express themselves and the discipline of finding the essence with few words. Writing the poem (and finding just the right word) is the measure of success that the authors use. Really good poetry is instinctive. It’s who you are. It’s from the heart. You need to expose yourself to all kinds of poets and you may find your motivation and muse that way. Poetry gets to the core meaning. Poetry expands ideas.

Vocation :

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