Assertive Pronouns

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Assertive Pronouns :

Much, many, more and most are called Assertive pronouns.

Examples :

  • You need more milk for this sweet.

  • Not much milk is lost.

  • Most of the students did not turn up for the function.

  • Many parents complained about this.

  • We need more number of Math Teachers.

  • Many pens were lost in the rain.

    (2) Little, less, least, few, fewer and fewest are called Assertive Pronouns.

    Examples :

  • There is less orange juice in my glass.

  • There are fewer public holidays this year.

  • I gave the child only very little milk.

    NOTE :

    LESS is used with uncountable nouns.

    FEWER is used with countable nouns.

    (3) Several and enough are called Assertive Pronouns.

    Examples :

  • Hema and I met to speak to several craftsmen at this fair.

  • Have you packed enough food for a day?

    (4) ONE is also called Assertive Pronoun.

    The use of ONE pronoun is typical of British English.

    In American English, HE is used in place of ONE and HIS is used in place of ONE’s.

    Examples :

  • One should love one’s neighbour.

  • One should not think too much of oneself.

    (5) Someone, somebody and something are also Assertive Pronouns.

    Examples :

  • Can someone help me with accounts?

  • I hope somebody picks up the phone.

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