Reduce cross-references to the minimum. In any complex document some cross-references are inevitable but they should be kept to the minimum, unlike the example below.


  • In the event of the policyholder being alive on the vesting date and having given (or being deemed to have given) appropriate notice in accordance with provision 11.4 the provisions set out in this provision 5 shall apply provided that where by reason of the policyholder’s exercise of the option under provision 6.2 or 6.3 the vesting date is a day which is not the specified date, provision 5 shall apply subject to any consequential alterations arising under the relevant part of provision 6.

Skeins of cross-referencing are not always so hopelessly tangled and the references can often be simplified further:


  1. If you choose to receive income payments from your investment within the policy, subject as provided in clause 12, income (including tax credits) will be paid to you (subject to such sums being available first to pay any sums due to Unicorn Unit Trusts Limited under clause 9) monthly or quarterly and at any level you choose between a minimum of 5 per cent and a maximum of 10 per cent (in increments of 0.5 per cent) based on either a percentage of your original investment or the value of your policy at the time you choose to start making withdrawals.

  2. If you choose to draw income payments from your investment in the policy, we will pay them to you monthly or quarterly. The payments will include tax credits.

    The payments you choose must be a percentage of your original investment or value of your investment at the time you start receiving the income. Your choice of percentage must be at least 5 per cent but not more than 10 per cent (using 0.5 per cent steps).

    Payments are subject to clause 12 and are available first to pay any money owed to Unicorn Unit Trusts Limited under clause 9.

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