Called Eponyms, many words tell interesting tales about their origins. Wittingly or unwittingly, few people and places have left their names for posterity through words that were coined after them. These words are derived from the names of real, fictional, mythical or spurious persons, places or characters, although Eponyms come from the persons, surname.

Here is The List of Eponyms beginning with M.

Macadam: Noun

A broken Stone used in compacted layers for surfacing roads and paths, typically bound with tar or bitumen.

Named after the British surveyor John L McAdam, macadamized roads are ones that we see often in India, but may not have not what they are called

Mackintosh: Noun

A full length water-proof coat

We need to thank Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh (1766-1843) for the coat and the word. The coat was originally made by cementing layers of cloth with rubber.

Machiavellian: Adjective

Cunning, crafty, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics and business

In his work The Prince (1532), Italian statesman and writer Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) says that the acquisition and use of power may necessitate the use of unethical means. A Machiavellian person will therefore seek to get what he desires by fair or foul means.

Martinet: Noun

A strict disciplinarian, particularly in the armed forces

The 17th century French drillmaster general jean Martinet was supposed to have been stickler for discipline and has thereby left us a permanent legacy.

Masochism: Noun

The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation

Australian novelist Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1835-1895) described an abnormal mental condition in which the person derives pleasure from being physically and emotionally abused and punished by someone he loves.

Maverick: Noun

An orthodox or independent-minded person A Texas rancher of the 1840s Samuel A Maverick refused to brand his cattle, unlike other ranchers. Initially the word was only applied to unbranded cattle. Later the term was applied to any one who did not follow common rules.

McCoy: Noun (Informal)

The real thing, the genuine article

Used in the phrase, the real McCoy, there are two versions about its origins.

1. It may have come from an advertising slogan, the real McCoy, used by the whisky distillers G.Mackay and Co.

2. It could have come from the name of the American inventor Elijah McCoy.

Mesmerize: Verb

To capture the whole attention of, fascinate or transfix

Australian physician Franz A Mesmer (1734-1825) created waves in Vienna and Paris when he claimed that there exists a power that could hold people in a trance, which he termed animal magnetism. Soon, people began referring to this power as mesmerism> Today the term hypnotism is more popular.

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