Word Power

The most effective way to build your vocabulary is described in this page on
Word Power. Educational research has discovered that your I.Q. is intimately related to your Word Power. Take a standard Vocabulary test and then an intelligent test, the result in both will be substantially the same. The more extensive your vocabulary, the better your chances of success, other things being equal- success in attaining your educational goals, success in moving ahead in your business or professional career, success in achieving your intellectual potential.

By using this page, you can increase your vocabulary faster and more easily than you may realize. You can, in fact, accomplish a tremendous gain in your communcation skills in less than two to three months of concentrated effort, even if you go at your own speed of a page a day.

Furthermore, you can start improving your vocabulary immediately and within a few days you can be cruising along at such a rapid rate that there will be an actual change in your thinking, in your ability to express your thoughts and in your power of understanding.

Does this sound as if we are promising you the whole world in a neat package with a pretty pink ribbon tied around it? Yes, we are doing so. And we are willing to make such an unqualified promise because we have seen what happens to those of our students who make sincere and methodical efforts to learn more, many more words.

A Word A Day
Difficult Words
GRE Word List
Neologism or New Born Words
Eponyms or Words after the names of persons and/or places
List of Phobias
Longest Word
Small Words for Big Words
Portmanteau Words
Rhyming Words
Tongue Twisters
Commonly Misspelled Words
GRE Analogy Words
Glossary of Words related to English
Distinctive Sounds of Animals and Birds
Distinctive Names given to the Young of Animals
Distinctive Adjectives connected with certain words

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