Called Eponyms, many words tell interesting tales about their origins.Wittingly or unwittingly, few people and places have left their names for posterity through words that were coined after them. These words are derived from the names of real, fictional, mythical or spurious persons, places or characters, although many of these Eponyms come from the persons surnames.

Here is The List of Eponyms beginning with R.

Rabelaisian: Noun

An admirer of French satirist Francois Rabelais (1494?-1553)

Rabelaisian: Adjective

Of or like Rabelais or his writing, marked by exuberant imagination and coarse or earthly humor

Francois Rabelais was a French humanist and writer of satirical attacks on medieval scholasticism and superstition, the most notable of these works being Pantagruel (1532) and Gargantua (1534).

Ritzy: Adjective

Expensively stylish

This term is derived from Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz (1850-1918) who opened luxury hotels all around the world.

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