A Word A Day : Execrable

Saturday, 8th December 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Pronunciation : ékse-kre-b'l

1. Extremely bad, or of very low quality

2. Deserving to be detested

3. Of very poor quality or condition

4. Deserving a curse


Middle English, from Latin execrbilis, from execrr, exsecrr, to execrate


Terrible, Awful, Appalling, Disgusting, Repulsive, Deplorable, Revolting, Abominable, Atrocious, Detestable


Excellent, Wonderful

Contextual Examples:

• A band of Indians had trailed me and had me nearly surrounded. The shot had been fired with an execrable aim by a fellow who had caught sight of me from the hillside above.

• This hotel is dubious for the execrable meal served there.

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