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( Noun )

Pronunciation : júgger nàwt

1. A force that is relentlessly destructive, crushing and insensitive

2. A very large long truck for transporting goods in bulk


It used to be said, apocryphally, that worshipers of Krishna threw themselves under the wheels of the Juggernaut wagon in an access of religious ecstasy, so juggernaut came to be used metaphorically in English for an irresistible crushing force. The British application to large trucks did not become firmly established until the late 1960s.




Feeble Force

Contextual Examples:

• They belong to the Juggernaut here which is called society.

• It wasn't like a man. It was like some damned Juggernaut.

• It doesn't assume that people need necessarily remain passive when confronted by what appears to be the juggernaut of history. - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt.

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