Faith in God

Faith in God :

Mansukh Lal was a hardworking man. Initially he believed in God and attributed his success to God. He became a successful businessman. But gradually as he acquired success, he became very proud. He now thought that his success was due to his hard work. He stopped praising God and even removed God's idol from his house.

Once, during a discussion about God with some people, Mansukh Lal said, "Who is God? It's not due to him, that I am so much successful now. It's all my hard work only. And if actually God is so powerful then he can kill me in five minutes from now. I challenge him."

Five minutes later, Mansukh Lal laughed at God for he was still alive. But an old man got up and said, "If your son asks you to kill him with a gun, will you do that? God is like your father and he'll never harm you."

Mansukh Lal realized his mistake and apologised to God. Now he knew that faith in God is far more important than God himself.

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