A Word A Day : Fatuous

Thursday, 4th October 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Pronunciation : fach-oo-us

1. Showing a lack of intelligence or thought combined with complacency

2. Vacuously, smugly, and unconsciously foolish

3. Devoid of good sense or judgment

4. Devoid of intelligence


From Latin fatuus meaning stupid


Unintelligent, Silly, Complacent, Unaware, Childish, Pointless, Meaningless, Foolish, Stupid, Inane



Contextual Examples:

• "I am, of course, a mere student," said I, with a fatuous smile, "hardly more, I might say, than an earnest inquirer.

• Several other women also chimed in, with an animus which none of them would have been so fatuous as to show but for the rollicking evening they had passed.

Related Words:

1. Illuminatingly : Adverb

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