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( Verb )

Pronunciation : i-loo-me-nat

1. To make somebody or something visible or bright with light

2. To decorate something with lights for a celebration

3. To make something easier to understand

4. To make something, especially somebody's face, look happy and animated

5. To provide somebody with knowledge or with intellectual or spiritual enlightenment

6. To add colored letters, illustrations, or designs to a manuscript or the borders of a page


Middle English illuminaten, from Latin illminre, illmint- : in- in - in-2 + lminre, to light up - from lmen, lmin-, light


Light Up, Light, Illumine, Brighten, Lighten, Irradiate, Illume, Clarify, Enlighten, Elucidate, Put In The Picture, Explain, Inform, Clear Up, Illustrate


Confuse, Darken

Contextual Examples:

• The one candle which I had lighted failed to sufficiently illuminate the room.

• A single light was burning from a bracket in the wall, insufficient to illuminate the empty spaces, but enough to keep him from stumbling.

Related Words:

1. Illuminatingly : Adverb

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