God and Man

God and Man :

God created animals. Some animals could run very fast. To some, he gave unusual size and strength. He made some flying creatures and we call the birds. These birds could fly from one place to another in search of food. Some animals became crawlers while others were given the power to become excellent swimmers.

God created man at the end of his creations. He made him strong enough to take care of himself and the animals around him. But man asked God, "God, you have given various powers to other creatures. But I have no special powers or quality like them. Why are you partial to me?"

God smiled and said, "Oh! Man, the power I have given you is the most precious of all. It is the power of speech. You are using this power right now to express your wish to me. No other creature has this power. What more do you want me to give you?"

Man realized that speech was indeed the greatest gift of God to man. He understood that we should be happy with what we have and not be sad for what we do not have.

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