God is Merciful.

God is Merciful. :

A king had a large orchard. He had got a variety of fruit trees planted there. He employed a skilled gardener to take care of the fruit trees.

One day, the gardener would pick the ripe and juicy fruits from the various trees and gather them in a basket. Every morning when the royal court was in session, the gardener would go and give the fruits to the king.

One day, the gardener collected some cherries and took them for the king. The king was in a bad mood. When he picked a cherry to taste, it was sour. So he vent out his anger on the gardener. In anger, he threw a cherry at the gardener. It hit him on the forehead but the gardener said, "God is merciful!"

The king enquired, "You must be hurt and angry but you say God is merciful. "'. Why?"

The gardener said, "Your Majesty, I was going to bring pineapples for you today. But I changed my mind. If you had thrown a pineapple at me, I would have been badly hurt. God was merciful for having changed my mind."

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