How did the hare get the sheep?

How did the hare get the sheep? :

A man bought a sheep and went home with it. A Hare saw him and thought, "What a good sheep that is! I must have it for myself. "

The Hare ran quickly in front of them, took off his left shoe, put it on the road and hid himself in the bushes.

The man saw the shoe and said to himself, "This is a good shoe, but I don't need one shoe, I shall not take it."

The Hare put on his left shoe, ran quickly on, took off his right shoe and put it on the road. The man came up to the second shoe, stopped there and said, "Oh, this is the right shoe and the other one was the left shoe. I shall go back and take the left shoe and then I shall have good new shoes."

He tied his sheep to a tree near the road, put the shoe near the sheep and walked back to find the first shoe. He looked and looked for the shoe, but could not find it. While the man was looking for the left shoe, the Hare took the right shoe, untied the sheep and took it to his home.

When the man came back, he found no sheep and no shoe.

He cried out, "What a fool I am!"

And he was right.

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How did the hare get the sheep?

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