African Folk Tales

There is an interesting narration to tell how African Folk Tales were born.

The African people say :

The mouse goes everywhere into rich people's houses and into the poorest people's houses, too. In the old days the mouse made stories from all that she saw. Stories were her children. Each story-child had its dress - white, blue, red, green and black. The stories lived in her house and did everything for her.

One day a sheep ran against the door of the house where the mouse lived. The door was old and it broke and all the stories ran out. And now they run up and down over all the earth.

Listen to some of them!

  1. A Cat and Her Strong Friends
  2. A House in The Sky
  3. A Sly Cat
  4. A Story about The Tongue
  5. A Tale about A Jackal
  6. A Whip Out Of The Tail of A Cow
  7. Dinner of The Lion
  8. Fool of The King
  9. Greedy Anansi
  10. Heart of The Monkey
  11. How did the hare get the sheep?
  12. How The Dog And The Hen Became Domestic Animals?
  13. Mother of Donkeys
  14. Sacred Pythons
  15. The Chicken at The Well
  16. The Feast
  17. The Fire Festival
  18. The Fire on The Hill
  19. The Frog and His Wives
  20. The Handkerchief
  21. The Happy Man
  22. The Magic Pot
  23. The Longest Story in The World
  24. The Magic Crocodile
  25. The Money in The Pot of Butter
  26. The Small Red Feather
  27. The Story of The Twins
  28. The Two Friends
  29. The Two Frogs
  30. The Two Strangers
  31. The Wise Dog
  32. Three Hairs of A Lion
  33. Which is Better?
  34. Why are the fire and rain enemies?
  35. Why do the sun and the moon live in the sky?
  36. Why Does Spider Hide in Dark Places?
  37. Why does the chameleon shake his head?
  38. Why does the crocodile do not eat hens?
  39. Why does the hawk carry off chickens?
  40. Why is the dog a friend of man?
  41. Why The Hare Has No Tail?
  42. Why The Kite Eats Chickens?

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