Justice of The Qazi

Justice of The Qazi :

Once, a just Qazi lived in Baghdad. One day a strange case was put before him. Three brothers came to him and said, "Our father is before his death, he said that, half of his property would be given to the eldest brother. The second brother must receive one fourth of his property and the youngest must be given one sixth of it. We have divided all the property this way. But we have eleven camels. How can we divide them?"

The Qazi went to the three brother's house and said, "Do you mind if I add my camel to your herd?"

"No, we don't," they replied.

Now, there were twelve camels. So the Qazi gave half of the camels to the eldest which is six camels. Then the second brother received one fourth which is three camels. Finally the third brother got one sixth of twelve camels which is two camels. Then the Qazi took back his own camel. The brothers thanked the Qazi, for his just decision.

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