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( Noun )

Pronunciation : màlle-dík-shen


1. The calling down of a curse

2. Slander or evil talk about somebody

3. A denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury


14th century - Latin malediction - maledicere - speak ill of - dicere - speak


anathema, curse, damnation, execration, imprecation.



Contextual Examples:

• A malediction was pronounced against the town and ever since there has been no fresh water there.

• I have reason to know that a local friend of ours (on whom I beg to bestow a passing but a hearty malediction, with the kind permission of my reverend friend) sneaks to and fro, and dodges up and down.

• He searched about in his mind for an ade- quate malediction for the indefinite cause, the thing upon which men turn the words of final blame.

• There Justice Minister Bola Ige, confronted with the general incivility of local police, placed a malediction on the cads. Said the Hon. Bola Ige, "I pray that God will make big holes in their pockets."

• A conspiracy of infamy so black that, when it is finally exposed, its principals shall be forever deserving of the maledictions of all honest men.

Related Words:

Malign : Verb

Malefactor : Noun

Malinger : Noun

Malicious : Adjective

Malevolent : Adjective

Maladroit : Adjective

Maladroit : Adjective

Maledictive : Adverb

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