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( Noun )

Pronunciation : neo-fit


1. a recent convert to a religion

2. a new resident of a religious community who has not yet taken vows

3. Roman Catholic Church : A newly ordained priest

4. any new participant in some activity


Middle English - from Late Latin neophytus - from Greek neophutos : neo-, neo- + -phutos, planted (from phuein, to bring forth)


novice, beginner, recruit, tenderfoot, learner, trainee, raw recruit, newcomer, greenhorn, amateur, rookie, apprentice, tyro



Contextual Examples:

• The campaign went badly as the candidate was a neophyte at politics.

• He is a neophyte at politics.

• But with all the ardour of a neophyte and the pride of an apt learner I was at that time a great nautical casuist.

• Her whole soul was possessed by the fact that a fuller life was opening before her: she was a neophyte about to enter on a higher grade of initiation.

• A neophyte might have fancied that the ripples passing over it were dreadfully like faint changes of expression on a sightless face; but Gaffer was no neophyte and had no fancies.

• I was a complete neophyte and knew nothing about the choreographic process, but seeing the steps pour out of this man was a revelation.

• She, the neophyte, with as yet no experience of this, had settled eagerly to the task.

• As a neophyte in politics, I didn't understand that ducking the issues was the goal of most campaigns.

Related Words:

neophytic : Adjective

neophytish : Adjective

neophytism : Noun

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