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( Verb, Noun & Adjective )

Past and past participle : manifested
Present participle : manifesting
3rd person present singular : manifests

Pronunciation : mánne-fèst


1. to make something evident by showing or demonstrating it very clearly

2. to appear or be revealed

3. to include something in a ship's cargo list

4. a list giving details of a ship's cargo, its destination, and other particulars for customs purposes

5. a list of cargo or passengers on a plane or train

6. clearly apparent to the sight or understanding

7. clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment

Detailed statement of the contents put on a ship or other vehicle. A copy of the manifest is put in a safe place so that the exact cargo is known, even in the event the vessel is destroyed. A copy of a ship's manifest is kept on board for cargo identification purposes in the event of a search.


14th century - Directly or via French - Latin manifestus - apprehensible - manus - hand - festus - seizable


apparent, clear, clear-cut, crystal clear, distinct, evident, noticeable, observable, obvious, patent, plain, pronounced, visible


ambiguous, concealed, hidden, obscure, secret, unclear, vague, bury, conceal, cover, hide, withhold

Contextual Examples:

• Every passenger is
manifested at the point of departure.

• Mercedes
manifested the chaotic abandonment of hysteria.

• An additional symptom now
manifested itself.

• He
manifested great personal bravery.

• He thought he lived in a country where turkeys were the ruling class, and every year they held a feast to
manifest their sense of Heaven's goodness in sparing their lives to kill them later.

• There is nothing hid which shall not be

• The evidence
manifests the guilt of the defendant.

• The
manifest content of a dream as opposed to the latent content that it conceals.

• He
manifested his approval with a hearty laugh.

Related Words:

manifester : Noun

manifestness : Noun

manifestable : Adjective

manifestly : Adverb

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