Past Continuous Tense

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Past Continuous Tense :

Rules :

It is used to express an action going on at sometime in the past.

Examples :

1. It was raining throughout the night.

2. I was reading a story for a long time yesterday.

3. They were playing football all evening yesterday.

4. She was selling fruits from morning to evening.

5. They were playing cards yesterday evening till it got dark.

With WHILE – Subordinate Clause

Examples :

1. Uma fell into the river while she was crossing the bridge.

2. While she was cooking, her sari caught fire.

3. While Bama was dancing, she fell down.

4. While I was sleeping, I had a bad dream.

With another Past Continuous Tenses

Examples :

1. While my mother was cooking, my father was listening to the radio.

2. I was writing a letter when my wife was working in the garden.

3. When Rome was burning the King was fiddling.

4. When the child was crying her mother was sleeping.

5. The Telephone bell was ringing while he was taking bath.

With Simple Past tense

Examples :

1. I was reading when he came in.

2. We were playing chess when you telephoned.

3. I met him while I was going to the office.

4. He lost his pen when he was playing football.

5. I found this letter when I was looking for a book.

The presence of the following Keywords in a sentence indicates the existence of This Tense in that sentence.

all afternoon yesterday

all evening yesterday

all last month

All last night

all last week

All morning yesterday

all yesterday

At 9 O’clock this morning

For a long time yesterday

From two O’clock to four

Throughout the night

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