Prayers of The Potter

Prayers of The Potter :

Once there was a potter, who made earthen pots. He had a good business but sometimes people complained that his pots would break easily. Once, he got fed up of hearing the complaints. He prayed to the goddess. When she appeared, the potter said, "Please make my pots unbreakable, so the customers stop complaining."

The Goddess blessed the potter and vanished. Now all the pots he made became unbreakable. So the complaints stopped but the customers stopped buying new pots because their old pots were not breaking or getting damaged.

The potter prayed to the Goddess again and said, "Mother, forgive me. Please make the pots as before. I tried to go against nature but I was wrong."

The Goddess heard the potter's prayers and fulfilled his wish. Now the potter's business flourished as before.

That is why it is said that we should accept things as they are.

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